What is it?

The Lumen is a fully self-contained electronic instrument in the form of a traditional handpan. It seeks to provide the experience of playing one of these unique instruments, while still being accessible to musicians around the world.


Multiple Sample Sets

The Lumen contains samples sets from a number of handpan manufacturers out of the box, with additional samples sets planned for download.

Self Contained

There's no requirement to connect the Lumen to a computer, iPad or DAW for playback. High quality, full range amplified speakers are built-in. Pick it up, turn it on and play.

Velocity Sensitive

The Lumen's sensors are fully velocity sensitive, mimicing as closely as possible the experience of playing an acoustic handpan.


The active sample set can be tuned to any key, using a dial which ensures that your adjustments are stepped in semitones.


With it's MIDI out port, the Lumen can act as a MIDI controller, allowing you to play any instrument.

Audio Out

A 3.5mm headphone jack provides audio out capabilities - plug in your headset, external speakers or record sounds directly from the Lumen.


There's an additional feature of the Lumen which will be announced closer to it's release date. Suffice it to say, the Lumen will be a unique musical experience.


samples coming soon

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About Arclight Projects

We are a small company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We focus on exploring unique innovations in a number of fields. The Lumen is the first of these innovations.